Employment Authority is a career marketing service that researches employer contacts inside of corporations and other employers in the United States and assists high income executives in initiating targeted mailings to those employers. In addition, Employment Authority redoes the resumes and cover letters of its clients at no charge and insures these are relevant and compelling to the employers who our clients approach seeking employment.

Employment Authority helps executives track down unadvertised job openings in markets all over the world. You can use Employment Authority while using a recruiter and other job search methods to find a job. Our service assists you in finding many of the most competitive jobs available in the market that you will not find on job boards or through recruiters and we believe that recruiters and job boards are a useful adjunct to our service. We are a partner company with EmploymentCrossing and Hound, for example, and provide our clients free access to these job research sites while using our service.

While internal statistics have varied throughout the years, Employment Authority typically assists executives earning well over $100,000 a year and in most cases well beyond this. Our service is for people who are seeking the highest paid positions in the market. We have assisted numerous CEOs, CFOs, sales managers, and other highly paid individuals track down openings during our history. As a member of the EmploymentScape group of companies, we are part of one of the largest career companies in the world with offices throughout the United States, and with hundreds of employees to respond to your needs. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are aware of all jobs in the market and that they do not miss any jobs. We believe that our service is the most effective service in existence for ensuring our clients have the market “covered” in all respects.

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